La Locanda del Corso

La Locanda del Corso

Bed & Breakfast in Tortora in the seaside

A short and simple renovation has turned the family home into an elegant and peaceful bed and breakfast. Located on the main street, Locanda del Corso has three rooms with private bathrooms and six comfortable and welcoming beds with double or twin options depending on your needs. The property is equipped to welcome Celiac guests and is included in the A. I. C. 2010 guide.

There is a lovely breakfast room that can also be enjoyed on the terrace overlooking the main street during the summer. The rooms are very bright and welcoming with a private bathroom, air conditioning, fridge, and TV. Guests can also watch TV in the comfortable living room where they can relax while listening to music or reading a good book from the rich library available to guests.

For those arriving by car, Locanda del Corso offers the opportunity of an uncovered private parking located at the back of the house. For those arriving by train, with prior notice, they can take advantage of the shuttle service to and from the station with the inn's car.

Free Wifi
Free Wifi
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Hair dryer
Charming property
Charming property
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Air Conditioning
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Romantic Atmosphere

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Our breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important moments of the day. It marks the start of a new day and the best way to begin is by indulging in some treats. You can have a hot cappuccino with chocolate, enjoy a croissant or freshly baked brioche, drink freshly squeezed orange juice from the garden outside the breakfast room, or choose from a variety of teas. In the winter, you can warm up with a hot chocolate or in the summer, enjoy a fresh slice of watermelon or some freshly picked figs, grapes, melon, pineapple, or peaches. You can also have some classic biscuits, cereal, or whole grain toast with butter and homemade chestnut honey or Nutella for the little ones.

But when you wake up in August with a great hunger and a long day ahead, you can be daring and skip the cereal and soy biscuits. Instead, try a hot sandwich with local salami and cheese, or a toast with sweet cheese. For those who feel guilty and don't want to give up their diet, there's a great selection of yogurt, a banana, or a smoothie that can still satisfy your cravings. However, the bakery next to the hotel is also a great temptation, especially from June to September when they bake croissants, fried doughnuts covered in sugar or filled with chocolate, and other delicious pastries.

If you want to try all of this, I recommend coming in August. But if you want to visit me in January, I promise not to let you go hungry. Maybe you'll even get to taste one of my homemade pies - I love making them!

Our rooms


Number of available rooms: 3
Guests per room: 4
Breakfast included
Ensuite bathroom

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You will be hosted by Rosalba

Rosalba is a dynamic and hyperactive 50-year-old Scorpio woman, mother of three boys and grandmother of Massimiliano, who enriched her life in 2016. She manages her B&B and her house on the upper floor alone, and sacrifices do not scare her because they are repaid by this new adventure that allows her to welcome and get to know many people. Every guest quickly becomes one of the family.

In reality, her profession was a goldsmith-watchmaker-engraver, as evidenced by the qualification she obtained from the course she attended in the 1980s. However, her desire to work led her to have different and numerous professional experiences, but not in the field of goldsmithing.

Since she was a young girl, she started working with her mother as a fruit vendor, then as an ice cream maker in the largest and busiest ice cream shop in Praia a Mare, the town where she lived. She also worked as a saleswoman, shop assistant, and cashier, managed a large supermarket as an employee, and then the family minimarket with her husband. Later, she was involved in a franchise of an important Italian brand of articles, accessories, shoes, and other safety equipment. She also ran a gas cylinder and fire extinguisher reselling business with her husband.

With the arrival of her first pregnancy, she dedicated herself to being a mother and a wife, without neglecting the company's accounting. Between 1995 and 1998, she gave birth to her three wonderful children, Vincenzo, Ester, and Giuseppe, who filled her life and her days completely.

During her second pregnancy in 1996, she suddenly lost her mother and fell into depression. However, the love for her children gave her the strength to start again. In 2001, ten years after the death of her wonderful mother-in-law, her father-in-law also passed away, leaving a part of the house empty.

In 2004, when the children were independent enough, she felt the strong desire to get back into the game and work. She started renovating the abandoned floor of her house and decided to start her small business. Thus, La Locanda del Corso was born, an elegant and peaceful B&B on the main street of Tortora, the first town of the Alto Tirreno Cosentino, her residence since 1994.

Without neglecting her children's commitments, she followed them and was their class representative for 13 years, starting from kindergarten. This allowed her to carry out important battles with gratifying victories. Currently, she is also involved in social activities for her town and is the President of ProLoco. She organizes conferences, festivals, shows, street parties, training courses, and creates a spectacular 10-meter long nativity scene involving schools, the municipality, the church, locals, and the ProLoco of nearby towns, creating important moments of aggregation to enrich the Christmas period.

Her husband calls her "na capatosta" (a stubborn person), and this led her to take care of her small structure down to the smallest details, making it a first-class B&B. "In life, you have to do small things but with the goal of making them big," says Rosalba.

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Certificato eccellenza 9.3 su 10 La Locanda del Corso Certificato di eccellenza 2024

La Locanda del Corso

Corso Aldo Moro, 91 - Tortora (CS) - Directions

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